Letters For a New Time

  • January 2023

    Friends, I have been perceiving this feeling of “we made it” for months now. It’s as if there is a tangible sigh of, “we made it'' floating around...
  • November 2022

    Friends, Please join me in celebration. What started as a dream that came to me in meditation and built over time through intention and stubborn gr...
  • December 2020


    The challenges we have faced this year none of us could have known were coming. They seemed to hover in the air, undetectable until they were upon us.

  • February 2020


    Lately there has been a lot coming up for people.  It’s as if everyone went to the deepest, oldest struggle without even knowing they were approaching it; then jumped right into it.  As you may have guessed, some panic ensued. 

  • December 2019


    I have been thinking a lot about Christ consciousness lately, about the idea that we can unify for the highest good of each other and our planet.  It is a seemingly impossible task to imagine what this looks like, it is so far outside of what many of us can conceptualize.  But I’m trying.

  • November 2019


    I have been observing people, studying their habits, searching for patterns most of my days. It is both a habit and a terrific interest, but it began with a genuine need to figure out what healthy actually is. I observe without realizing, I get struck with understanding in the middle of my own sentences and find a thousand more unanswered questions while I am looking at produce at the market. One in a zillion questions or ideas gets traction.