November 2019


I have been observing people, studying their habits, searching for patterns most of my days. It is both a habit and a terrific interest, but it began with a genuine need to figure out what healthy actually is. I observe without realizing, I get struck with understanding in the middle of my own sentences and find a thousand more unanswered questions while I am looking at produce at the market. One in a zillion questions or ideas gets traction.

When an idea emerges as a good one, I wear it like a veil. I try to determine who it attracts and who it repels, when it feels scratchy and when it feels like a soft blanket. I wear it everywhere and then I observe. All I have to do is notice.

The more I wear the idea it transforms into more handkerchief than veil, something known and comfortable that you pull out and use when you need it rather than an obstruction to sight.

I begin talking about my idea. I want to see the spark of understanding in others--when does it hit? With this idea? That one? I see the information transform and take on new shape as I talk more about it, seeing angles and colors I had not noticed before.

Eventually I begin to understand it. I see one of the patterns before I see anything else. And it is this true understanding nestling in deep that eventually becomes wisdom.

This mirrors the process of awakening. It doesn’t matter how mundane or fantastic, you begin with awareness, you wade through surrender, you devote time and thought to it, and you earn wisdom. Then you do it again. And again. Aggressively or softly. Loudly or quietly. Doesn’t matter. You just keep going.


PS It is so important to do the talking part, even if it is only to paper.

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