Multidimensional Therapist

Angelyn Nicholson
Trauma Therapist
LCSW, Reiki Master Teacher 

    I am a Multidimensional Therapist.

    A multidimensional therapist is one that is able to take 3rd dimensional information from the physical world, mix it with thoughts and feelings from the 4th dimension, and bring you into unity consciousness in the 5th dimension as you neutralize beliefs about yourself and the world.  

    A multidimensional therapist will take you to higher dimensions for healing purposes and to activate your energetic system, all to broaden your frequency. Many clients experience kundalini awakening, third eye expansion, sacral clearing, heart opening, solar plexus and throat alignment, and more. 

    A multidimensional therapist is not limited to what they learn in textbooks, but use what they have learned as a fundamental starting place.  

    A multidimensional therapist has done their own shadow work and continues to explore their shadow work - and that is easy to see because while they are human and imperfect, you can see that much of what they say is true. You feel seen, heard, understood - because they are truly able to hear you and see you - their ego is not blocking their authenticity.  

    A multidimensional therapist is not "above" you, or in some way vastly different from you. They understand this is their gift and they want to share it, and they understand everyone has gifts and no gift is better or worse than the other.  

    A multidimensional therapist is always learning, always broadening their frequency, always clearing shadows, always integrating. 

    A multidimensional therapist is not limited to using a specific modality for treatment but rather, uses many.

    A multidimensional therapist can see with great clarity that we as a collective are grounded into Patriarchy and Capitalism rather than ourselves, and this is the main problem we all have to get around to begin our awakening.

    A multidimensional therapist can guide you as you awaken, and as you continue down that path.

    Embark on this transformative journey with me, where healing is a multidimensional experience.  

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