November 2022


Please join me in celebration.

What started as a dream that came to me in meditation and built over time through intention and stubborn grit, has finally arrived.

It may not seem like much to some of you, but to a person who has spent their life doing therapy work and figuring out the human puzzle, the whole idea of releasing a “kit” complete with hand drawn art for the box (and getting those printed), accompanying materials, videos, and a program unique to the kit and then marketing it, felt - well - overwhelming.  

I had my first meeting with the artist a few weeks before the pandemic shut everything down. From that moment on we were at the mercy of supply chain problems, the collective fear, and my own limitations as I gained and lost momentum a thousand times with this project. 

Some days felt really hopeful, some days didn’t. For about 9 months I had to set it down entirely because it felt so out of my scope and impossible to complete.

For the starter kit to actually be a thing today feels like such an achievement. I saw it in my mind 3 years ago and today it is an actual thing that is out there in the world and can legitimately help people as they discover their way. 

I have created a 30 day program to go with this kit, a way to start and a way to move forward week by week, to get the most from the products in this kit, for people to begin to get traction where there was previously none. They will likely experience a bump in their psychic ability as well as their insight, confidence, and awareness, if they follow the program and commit to themselves in this way.

I want to thank all the people who worked with me to help this become real, and I want to thank the people who take a chance and purchase this kit as a measure of devotion to their health and their path. 

Please share this kit with others if you feel guided, and know that as these kits make their way to the people who need them, the collective vibration shifts. 

In gratitude,


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