December 2020


The challenges we have faced this year none of us could have known were coming. They seemed to hover in the air, undetectable until they were upon us.

2020 has been about sitting with discomfort and finding boundaries. We have had to each evaluate what we will allow and not allow into our lives. We have had to look at  the way we view and interact with ourselves and our world. From the way we talk to ourselves to the way our work impacts us to our interaction and view of our own communities and our government.

We have seen up close what we are like when we are not allowed free movement. Some people have divorced while others have married. Some have moved to entirely different areas while others have jumped head first into projects to improve the home they are in.  Some have started businesses and others have closed them, many have been forced to be more resourceful and creative with their income and how they procure it.

We have been forced to say goodbye to some people with whom we didn’t want to part while at the same time, we have found great solace in finding ourselves.

We were forced to look at death and mortality and the way we live.

What we consume and what we have around us is the vibration we live in.

When we are so distracted with bills and events and work and relationships and elections and fear we are unable to be present within ourselves. When we have space to look more closely it can be deeply uncomfortable.  

I am here to tell you

It is worth it to challenge the way it has always been.  It is Ok to say, “I think it is time to let someone else speak.”  It is Ok for you to have an opinion that isn’t in line with someone who loves you.  You can love each other and believe different things about the world. You can also love someone and be angry at them. You can love someone who walks away and you can love them without attachment. You can value yourself and your own happiness so much that you are unwilling to keep doing the same thing again and again and know that as you bring awareness you must bring compassion and as you embrace compassion, you heal.  

What joy.

2020 brought what I call “dark lessons” - the lessons you learn that hurt the whole time you learn them but you wouldn’t trade the insight and growth they brought for anything.  Take a moment to reflect on your own experience. What did you learn in 2020? What do you feel closer to and what do you feel farther away from?  Do you feel more yourself than you did in January?

I would love to hear your stories. If you have a 2020 transformation story, please submit it. I will be collecting stories through the end of January. The winner will receive a custom pack of goodies from Color of Kismet, chosen just for you to help support you as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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