I'm Angelyn, a clinical therapist and energy healer as well as the Creator of Color of Kismet.

When I created Color of Kismet, I was following received intuitive nudges that all pointed to healing, specifically plant medicine.

After receiving guidance from Spirit, I picked up my oils in more earnest ways and learned more about them than in previous years.

For the past fifteen years, I visited a garden in my mind when I was meditating. Different plants began to appear to me in my meditations. It felt as if someone had left those plants there for me to discover and work with.

I have always been a gardener and interested in plant medicine, so I was excited to bring what I envisioned in my meditations into my real life.

I began playing with teas, bitters, and compresses over the years. I took plants from the garden and made new blends with them. I learned more about the plants by directly working with them.

I sought answers from other herbalists and aromatherapists who had more experience than I did. I knew I needed to learn a lot, but I understood that what I needed to know would show up right when I needed it.

My role has always been to listen and trust. Thereby, there is no timeline in my work. I listen to my intuition, trust the guidance I receive, and then I create products with plants, oils, and guidance from Spirit.

Many people have gotten great results by working with my blends, which gives me confidence in the guidance I've been getting. I can't wait to see how this path unfolds in the future.

Highest and best,