Multidimensional Therapy

Angelyn Nicholson
Trauma Therapist
LCSW, Reiki Master Teacher 
I am a Multidimensional Trauma Therapist, distinguishing myself through a comprehensive approach. Unlike traditional therapists, I address issues simultaneously from various perspectives. Leveraging extensive experience and keen psychological insights, I identify deficient and overabundant elements, guiding me through physical, emotional, mental, AND spiritual realms. This leads to an exploration of organs, meridians, and chakras impacted by these elements, uncovering associated beliefs aligned with the gathered information.

Embodying the essence of Multidimensional Therapy, my approach extends beyond understanding into transformative action. Once we've uncovered and comprehended the intricate layers of your experience, the real work begins. 

Entering a semi-trance state, I channel high-frequency energy, strategically moving it through your system. In this energy dance, I identify and clear cloudy, stuck, or broken spots, working collaboratively with you throughout the process. Together, we confront and neutralize beliefs, utilizing sensory information and feelings as powerful tools.

Guiding you through the release and clearing of processed energies, thoughts, and feelings, I immerse you in a flood of very high-frequency light and energy.

As the session concludes, I assist in grounding you, setting the stage for the profound integration of the neutralized belief over the following week.


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