Virtual Tarot Card Reading and Intuitive Guidance

Virtual Tarot Card Reading and Intuitive Guidance

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These sessions consist of Tarot and Oracle card reading in addition to psychic input.

Developing a relationship with the system is integral for more complete understanding in this form of divination.  In addition to spending time in meditation with individual cards, learning tarot has been my daily practice for 5 years.

I carry a deep respect for their history and for the thousands of souls who kept tarot alive throughout the years. One of the reasons the tarot is special is the sheer amount of people who have practiced this art for hundreds of years. That kind of deep history carries a lot of power.

This service includes intuitive guidance and connection with the higher realms during an extensive Tarot read virtually. Because it is virtual, there are no interruptions, giving you the same amount of guidance as a 60 min in person reading would.

You are sent a form to fill out through email where you are asked to list any questions you have and I record a private video and return that to you via email within 72 hours. You may ask a follow up question and receive an answer for clarification if needed.

Cost of service:

  • $150 / 60 Minutes