Courage/Safety Body Blend

Courage/Safety Body Blend

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Do you need to find the inner resolve to take the next step, have that intimidating conversation, or finally do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for so long?

Our Courage/Safety blend will give you the little boost you need to move forward in life.

When used daily, this blend will help you shift old patterns that were holding you back. You’ll more easily do the things you need to do to make strides toward your desires. It will seem effortless!

Our Courage/Safety blend is great for anyone who has negative beliefs about themselves or others, anxiety or phobias, difficulty making decisions, lack motivation, lack ability to speak up, difficulty in setting boundaries, trying new things, jealousy, or generally low self-esteem.

**This blend also stops fight-flight-freeze response in its tracks.**

 (formerly sold as Overcoming Fear Body Blend)