Alignment with Soul Purpose Bath Oil

Alignment with Soul Purpose Bath Oil

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This blend is magical! It magnetizes you to your higher calling. If you are working on aligning with your soul purpose, this is the bath oil to work with.

It can help you see clearly where you need to go next on your spiritual journey. All you have to do is pay close attention to what appears in your field after you work with it in your bath.

And this essential oil blend is gentle. It serves as a tender guide, helping you pick up what you need along the way.

This light, flowing, but powerful blend is perfect to use in a bath because it has a lot of the same qualities as the element water.

When you use essential oil blends in the bath, you create a ritual space to relax, unwind, and devote time and energy to healing yourself.

I recommend planning to soak for at least half an hour when using our bath oil blends or bath salts.