Therapy for Transformation

Angelyn Nicholson
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, RMT
I am a seasoned therapist who highly values customizing your experience for the most effective path to success. I specialize in adults with ADHD, those recovering from relationships with personality disordered people (Borderline PD and Narcissistic PD), and those who seek transformation. I'm a metaphysical teacher and healer, and use my intuitive ability to help assist in energy work as well as therapeutic work.
I am an EMDR II practitioner and often pair this methodology with traditional talk therapy and Master level Reiki. EMDR allows you to process through trauma or grief, or get to the bottom of depression or anxiety in a much shorter time frame than talk therapy alone. Reiki shortens the length of time in therapy overall and softens the hard bits along the way.
I provide safe and effective therapy in a warm environment, conveniently located in North Knoxville. Please view my website to read more about me and how I work. I am private pay only.
To set up a consultation, please book HERE.